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The Cash Store is one of the pioneers of payday lending businesses as it dates back to 1996. Its headquarters is in Irving, Texas. The company amounts over 280 in-store locations over 7 states where it legally operates. They are Idaho, Illinois, Michigan, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, and Wisconsin.

There are options of online and in-store applications. Apart from cash advances the Cash Store offers also other products such as title and installment loans.

The company can be characterized as a reliable lender with comparative prices and high service level. They do not carry credit checks and therefore are a choice of many borrowers who cannot apply for a regular loan because of the bad credit. Being at eh market for a pretty long period of time the Cash Store has gained a good reputation for quick approval and beneficial repayment terms.

The loan amounts vary in the states where the company operates and so do the fees. On average it is $20 for every $100 borrowed; however, it is not a set fee.

Customers applying for a loan with the Cash Store can be assured that all the transactions are safe and secure as the company is very much concerned about physical, electronic and procedural safeguard maintenance. It also adheres to all the state and federal laws and regulations and does not practice sharing consumers' personal information with third parties.

This company is famous for the secure and simple application system, high rates of approval, and the best quality customer oriented services. The top-notch employees working at Cash Store are aware of all the aspects and every detail of short term loans, they are always ready to answer all your questions and provide the most appropriate loan option for your case. There is hardly anyone who can say that he or she is totally immune from financial problems as life is unpredictable and unexpected situations induce the necessity for additional cash. Cash Store is eager to provide their financial help instantly and without procedures that take long time to carry out.

Nobody wants to spend long time on the application procedure in an attempt to get a payday loan online. Given the fact that people refer to short term loans mostly in situations of emergency, they want the money quick as usually there is no time to wait and postpone the piling bills. Cash Store realizes this and offers the following simple stages for receiving a cash advance.

  • Fill in easy application form at the company's office or online.
  • Visit any of the Cash Store offices situated nearby.
  • Get the cash on the day of application.


The Cash Store has proved its great reputation as a lending company by the quick, effective and well-organized work. The whole process of getting a payday loan takes about 24 hours at most starting from the submission of an application form and to the loan deposition into a borrower's checking account. The company is responsible for the safety of the information indicated by the customers during the process of qualification.


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