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Speedy Cash is a well-known payday lending company with a long history and offices all over the U.S., the UK and Canada. This is licensed direct lender and not an affiliate or a subsidiary.

The company specializes on payday loans but it also offers other products such as title and installment loans as well as cashing of checks and buying gold and etc. There are about 230 in-store locations for the benefit of the customers.

Speedy Cash dates back to 1997 and was established in Riverside, CA. It has gained reputation of a reliable and customer-oriented company with perfect terms for loans and high quality customer service. With a modern call-center and constant tendency for development and innovation, Speedy Cash can fairly be considered a good short-term loan company.

At the moment Speedy Cash has got more than 100 stores all over the states. The company does not offer payday loans in all the states and only in those where it is licensed to do so. There is an in-store, by phone and online options of application and all of them are quick and convenient. The application process is safe and secure and there is no need for the borrowers to be worried about the transaction process. All the web pages and servers are programmed in such a way that they are sure to keep the consumer's date safe. There is no selling information to any third parties. The application is available over the evenings and weekend days 24/7 which is very convenient.

Speedy Cash offers payday loans up to $1,500 for a period of a fortnight or a month that is due to be repaid with a person's next paycheck. The fees for such loans vary as the state laws are different. Speedy Cash, as many other payday loan companies, does not carry out credit checks and, therefore, this is a perfect option for customers with a bad credit score.


Speedy Cash has been long at the lending market and gained respect and trust among many customers and not without a reason. It offers payday loans as well as many other products and can be characterized as a reliable service with comparative rates and high quality service.


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